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[26 Jun 2006|04:03am]

22, and still pure yay me.
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[11 Apr 2006|10:30pm]

thought all the girls might appreciate this, its a video for every girl, and I am sure every girl fits at least one of these
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true love waits! [11 Feb 2006|02:47am]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone! I created a colorbar to promote sexual purity until marriage! If you believe in this please post it in you userinfo to show your support. The code for the colorbar can be found by clicking on "True love waits"

True Love Waits!

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[28 Nov 2005|02:05am]

21, and still pure. go me.
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Hi All [07 Oct 2005|06:08pm]

Hi. I'm Robyn and I'm a new member. ^^

How old are you?
I'm 14, but I'll be 15 in March. I know... young. o_O

Where are you from? Where do you live?
I'm from Maryland.

Have you had opportunities for sex? Or just one? None?
Hmm. No, not really. At this time I'm not really interested in romantic relationships. :P It's more about building strong friendships and bonds for me.

Are you religious at all? If so, does it play a part in your reasoning for virginity?
Yep. I'm a baptized Christian. Pretty religious though, but I'm not Super Religious. Yes. I suppose that fact does play a part, but It's not the main reason for me. It's about who I am. In the world I live in I was kind of forced to grow up pretty quickly. That's why I realized that it was better to stay a virgin. At least until I'm sure I've met the right person.

Are you looking forward to sex, when you find somebody to share it with, and are you ready for it?
Hmm. Not yet... I mean... It hasn't really been on my mind. But when the time comes I'm sure I'll be ready.

Do you remember how old you were when you decided not to have sex?
Hmm. Let's see. It was probably the year I got baptized. By then I knew better. ^^

I know I'm kind of young, so it might look stupid for me to be making these kinds of decisions, but this is how I feel. I consider myself pretty mature for my age, so I think I pretty much know the difference between whats good and whats bad. Graphic health classes have taught me about unwanted pregnancy's, STDs, and the heart break that can come out of sex before marriage. Those things seriously scare me. u_u;
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[27 Aug 2005|03:01am]

[ mood | weird ]

Reasons for remaining a virgin?

It's in the Bible, minimizes trauma when you break up, you don't have to explain anything to an angry father in the present, you don't have to explain anything to an angry wife in the future on why she waited and you didn't, it would disappoint my family... the list could go on and on. Bottom line: It's supposed to be better if you wait. And I just wanna save myself for my wife.

How old are you?

18. 19 in December.

Where are you from? Where do you live?

I'm from West Virginia. After moving for quite a while, I've finally settled back here.

Have you had opportunities for sex? Or just one? None?

Nope, none, for which I am grateful.

Are you religious at all? If so, does it play a part in your reasoning for virginity?

Yes, I'm A Christian. I grew up in a Christian home, so being anything but a virgin was never much of a possibility, for which I am also grateful. Now that I'm older I see that it's definitely the way to go.

Are you looking forward to sex, when you find somebody to share it with, and are you ready for it?

I'd say I'm looking forward to it, yes. But hey, one thing at a time here. I mean, I haven't even kissed a girl yet. Or married. lol

Do you remember how old you were when you decided not to have sex?

It was never really a conscious decision until the summer of 2004.

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25+ and still a virgin? [16 May 2005|12:34am]

I'm being bad and cross posting this to a few forums, but I'm doing so in hopes that many people will take interest in this new community which I trust will benefit many.


This is a forum primarily for those of us over the age of 25 who have chosen premarital abstinence but are now finding ourselves in a minority among young and older adults. As most of our "true love waits" peers have married in their early twenties, we face a unique challenge as an unmarried adult in our late twenties, thirties, even forties.

Although this forum was designed with vigins in mind, I equally welcome those over 25 who have chosen second virginity and are living in abstinence; as well as anyone who is now married who was a virgin past the age of 25. (25 is the magic number, but if you're a bit younger and really want to join, let me know, I make a few exceptions.)

If you're an older virgin by choice and struggle at times with staying true to your commitment, this community is for you. My hope is that we can join together to support and encourage one another to stay on the road we've chosen and travelled on for so long.
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I am teh new. o_O; [17 Mar 2005|05:26pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Felt as though I should say my little bit before my member status starts rotting like bad tofu.
Though I'm only 15, I'm pretty proud to say I'm a virgin. Most boys my age are running around sleeping with anyone they can get their hands on. (And, of course, they tell you all the details at the top of their lungs in the middle of Biology while your calmly trying to take notes on the breeding patterns of frogs. The only thought popping into YOUR mind, however, is that maybe this guy and his girlfriend(s) have webbed feet, sit on lilliepads, and croak.)
It's hard not to give in to all the gossip and the hints (not to mention raging teen hormones). It's like your expected to say you did the dirty when somebody asks how your weekend went. You're like a whole other species. Molly is whispering to her friend Irma at the lockers, "OMG, look at Bobby, he's a VIRGIN! *snortgigglehuff*"
On top of that, (in my case) being a virgin means you're GAY. I don't know WHO thought that one up, but it's a bit taxing on my part. Not only do I get no sex, but I supposedly wear a thong and deep-throat popsicles. It's rather annoying, as you could imagine.
Does anyone else have that problem? Virgin + adolescent peers = homosexuality?

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[26 Feb 2005|12:12am]

[ mood | irrate ]

I'm not waiting for a special person, or anything like that. I dont want to have sex at all. Not tomorrow. Not in a year. Never.
You might think, oh you are still young, (I'm turning 20 this year) and your opinion will change.
I'm about 99.9% sure that it won't.
I never had an interest in sex....Never wanted to be intimate with anyone. I would try to be intimate with people because I desperately wanted to be "normal".
Everyone who knows about my choice, insists that I see a therapist or something. They are trying to convince me that not having "sexual urges"
is unnatural and that I'm not human unless I want to have sex.
Well considering one of the main human instincts is to reproduce......They are right.
But could there be people who just dont want to have sex? At all?
I used to feel like there is something wrong with me - I still feel like that but not as often - I grown to accepted my choices and no I longer try to "fix" myself, no longer pretend that I want to have sex.
I'm not sure if there is such thing as asexuality in humans...but if there were...I feel like I would be it.
I have tried having relationships (with both sexes) in hopes of becoming "normal", but none of the relationships lasted more than 2 weeks.
Most relationships, it seems, are based on sex and the idea that eventually the relationship will lead to sex.
Yes, I know "there is more to a relationship than sex" but sex is an important part. I haven't met anyone who is fine with the "no sex ever" idea.
I wish I could find people who share my views and feelings, but I think it would be pretty unrealisic for me to expect that.

This isn't very coherent, but I'm trying my best.

Maybe this is some kind of a disease that needs to be cured? I dont feel that way though. I dont want to be "cured". I dont want to want to have sex. I'm quite content with the way I am. What I'm not content with is being alone all the time. I want someone to share my point of view.

ugh. Just thinking about being naked with another person makes me sick. Let alone having them violate me in that way. It's sickening.

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New Member Says Hi [24 Jan 2005|01:17am]

Hello everyone,
I'm new to the group. Another virginity group I joined has people introduce themselves by completing a survey, so I'll go ahead and paste it here.

>> Reasons for remaining a virgin?

(a) No lover is remembered more sweetly or more passionately than the first. My wife will be the woman with whom I bond; I do not want memories of others to intrude on us when we are intimate – or when times are rough. To those who claim that their first time was "no big deal", I would ask: Did you truly love the other person? Did you ever consider remaining faithful to that person for the rest of your life?

(b) I also believe that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. My virginity is a guarantee to my future wife that I have the fortitude to remain faithful to her, no matter what challenges and difficulties we may face. That gift, once given to her, cannot be revoked or given to anyone else.

(c) If a man and woman are going to be faithful to one another, then that fidelity should extend through the past, as well as the present and future. Conversely, if two people do not care about saving themselves beforehand, then they have little to gain by remaining faithful afterwards. But when my soulmate and I are united, I want our love to be one, eternal, and timeless.

(d) To me, virginity is only meaningful when it is mutual. That is why I am saving myself for a woman who is also saving herself for me. Where morality is concerned, men and women must both be judged against the same standard. Only another virgin can understand and appreciate what that sacrifice means – and feel the same joy when the long wait has finally ended.

>> How old are you?
I am 34 years old. The woman I seek is probably much younger than me; however, I understand that many of the young ladies here consider me to be too old for them. I stake my life on the hope that one does not.
***PLEASE NOTE: The woman I seek is an _adult_, and therefore is at least 18 years of age. If you're under 18, I'd be honored to have you as one of my many platonic friends -- but that's as far as it goes.

>> Where are you from? Where do you live?
I've lived in California for most of my life. I am now living in Spokane, Washington. I have no roots tying me anywhere and am willing to go wherever my lady is to be with her.

>> Have you had opportunities for sex? or just one? none?
I've had several opportunities, one of them very high pressure. I took none of the women up on it because they did not share my convictions.

>> Are you religious at all? If so, does it play a part in your reasoning for virginity?
No; I am an atheist. It would be unethical for me to go to church to find a wife.

>> Are you looking forward to sex, when you find somebody to share it with, and are you ready for it?
I am ready for it and still long for it as much as when I was eighteen.

>> Do you remember how old you were when you decided not to have sex?
It was in my childhood; I cannot remember when. It is one of the most important things my grandmother taught me.

My journal is totally public and has entries that describe me, my dream girl, and what I believe. Even if you are not the young woman I seek, you may know her, or know someone who does. I'm willing to be friends with just about everyone, and would love to get to know anyone who shares my ideals. Just leave a comment or drop me a line! I look forward to talking with you--
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A point of discussion [30 Nov 2004|10:31am]

[ mood | curious ]

Here's a point for contemplation,

I'm curious. We all joined because we are waiting for the special someone. A lot of us differ as to whether to wait for love or marriage, and for our reasons, faith based or otherwise. but I have a question,

where do you draw the line? Individually that is. Are you staying a virgin in only the technical sense of the word, planning to not have intercourse, but will do anything up to that point? Or are you avoiding sexual contact...of any sort...until you are ready? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

Please also respond with your reasons for joining this community (if you don't mind :-) Just a discussion starter, hope everyone had a good thanksgiving

~Luna-Pi Cat =^-^=

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[26 Nov 2004|03:00am]

[ mood | impressed ]

I just joined this community, and im 20 years old, and almost lost my virginity cause I thought I found the right girl I was gonna spend the rest of my life with. I think its very important to wait for the person your gonna spend the rest of your life with, cause it makes sex a lot more worth it. Its hard to stay a virgin in a world full of peer pressure, so those who have been able to save themselves I honor you all.

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[17 Nov 2004|12:59am]

Thought this was amusing. Enjoy.

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[14 Nov 2004|10:21pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey everyone :) I think I've only posted here once, and it was when I first joined this community quite some time ago. I'm Stephanie, I'm 21, and I'm from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan :)

I've felt such a calling on my heart lately to truly focus on saving myself completely for my future husband, and while scanning my journal, I remembered that I am a member of this community and just wanted to share. :)

I'm a virgin (hooray! :)). I have traded in my morals in the past and I have looked for love and acceptance in the wrong places, or at least the wrong ways. I have willingly shared some very sacred things and parts of me with one person, and one person only. At times I look back on those and beat myself up, but I know that God has made me stronger through those experiences. I dearly love and care about the person I've shared those parts of me with, so I do not regret what happened, but I've learned and have kept my head up as I've moved forward. It's been quite a process, but I'm working on it.

I've been sexually assaulted three times: once as a child, and two since I've been in college. It's played a part in taking a toll on my emotions, my self-worth, and most of all my self esteem. Sometimes it's really difficult for friends to understand why my esteem is so low in certain areas of my life, but it's okay. I just want you all to know...if you've EVER been through something like that and need to talk about it, I am more than willing to listen with a loving heart and open arms. All of my contact information is in my profile. You don't have to deal with those emotions alone!

I've struggled a lot with lust. Not only in a sexual way, but in a way that I've lusted after ideas and dreams. I'm the kind of girl that hands a piece of my heart to everyone I meet, even if I only meet them for a few moments, in hopes that they know how much I love and appreciate them, even just their existence.

Lately, God has been answering a LOT of my prayers...prayers that I've pushed aside out of my mind and forgot about completely, perhaps as a lost hope. I found that after giving up impure thoughts and actions that kept me selfishly longing for my own hopes and desires, without realizing it, God just worked His amazing plans in my life all at once. I still struggle with surrender at times, but I know that He will continually bless me.

As you've probably guessed, my choice to save myself until marriage is based a lot on my spiritual beliefs. I know God has one person for me (if His will is that I marry), and I view sex as the most beautiful way a man and woman can express their love for each other. I feel that if I were to throw my body around here and there, what would be left for my husband to love and cherish?

I encourage you all to keep strong. It's hard at times, whether you've had a relationship and are now single, or are like me and have forever been single and just crave someone to even cuddle up with during a movie or to kiss just that one time. Be careful :) Things lead to other things before you know it...my parents always told me that, and I never believed them until I experienced that. The times I've slipped and given into physical pleasure were very emotional for me, and I just want anyone who feels discouraged if they haven't been kissed or even held hands or done anything physical on any level...I want you to know that it's okay!!!! You will be SOOO blessed by waiting and saving yourself, I promise you. God promises you.

As for me? I'm madly in love. Of course with God, but with my future husband, as well, whomever he may be. I've been writing him letters pouring my heart out to him, and it's been such a blessing to me. I know that when I meet him face to face (or if I already know him, when the time is right), I will be so in love with him and even more motivated to save my all for him.

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[19 Oct 2004|05:04pm]

I'm not sure if this is allowed but if anyone in here wants to add me to their friends list go ahead! All I ask is that you comment on my journal so I know and try to see if we have at least a few things in common! <3
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Definition time! [09 Oct 2004|04:55pm]
I'm sure that we all agree on the definition for virgin as someone who hasn't had sex.

How do you define sex? What counts as "having had sex" in your book?
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[14 Sep 2004|04:03pm]

Okay, all. By request of the community's creator, eruhu, I have something to say.

eruhu, your beloved moderator (as he called himself ^_^), has deleted his LiveJournal and is now skulking in the dark corridors of LJ living in secrecy.

... So I guess I'm your only active moderator.

Hello, everyone! *waves*
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[02 Sep 2004|12:27pm]

[ mood | amused ]

... I just felt like posting a random "Hi, remember me?" ^_^

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More subversive virginity [30 Aug 2004|11:13pm]

After reading that latest post about virginity, I did a search for her online and found this post about virginity from a guy's perspective.

er, forgot to cut it.
How to be SubversiveCollapse )
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Subversive Virginity [30 Aug 2004|04:56pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

This article is mostly geared towards females but I think it may work for both men and women. I got it from a Christian website if anyone's wondering, and it might clear up any major "bias" questions it might pose. =) Enjoy 


Subversive VirginityCollapse )

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