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I am teh new. o_O;

Felt as though I should say my little bit before my member status starts rotting like bad tofu.
Though I'm only 15, I'm pretty proud to say I'm a virgin. Most boys my age are running around sleeping with anyone they can get their hands on. (And, of course, they tell you all the details at the top of their lungs in the middle of Biology while your calmly trying to take notes on the breeding patterns of frogs. The only thought popping into YOUR mind, however, is that maybe this guy and his girlfriend(s) have webbed feet, sit on lilliepads, and croak.)
It's hard not to give in to all the gossip and the hints (not to mention raging teen hormones). It's like your expected to say you did the dirty when somebody asks how your weekend went. You're like a whole other species. Molly is whispering to her friend Irma at the lockers, "OMG, look at Bobby, he's a VIRGIN! *snortgigglehuff*"
On top of that, (in my case) being a virgin means you're GAY. I don't know WHO thought that one up, but it's a bit taxing on my part. Not only do I get no sex, but I supposedly wear a thong and deep-throat popsicles. It's rather annoying, as you could imagine.
Does anyone else have that problem? Virgin + adolescent peers = homosexuality?
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