YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT!! (misteline) wrote in until_death,

Hi All

Hi. I'm Robyn and I'm a new member. ^^

How old are you?
I'm 14, but I'll be 15 in March. I know... young. o_O

Where are you from? Where do you live?
I'm from Maryland.

Have you had opportunities for sex? Or just one? None?
Hmm. No, not really. At this time I'm not really interested in romantic relationships. :P It's more about building strong friendships and bonds for me.

Are you religious at all? If so, does it play a part in your reasoning for virginity?
Yep. I'm a baptized Christian. Pretty religious though, but I'm not Super Religious. Yes. I suppose that fact does play a part, but It's not the main reason for me. It's about who I am. In the world I live in I was kind of forced to grow up pretty quickly. That's why I realized that it was better to stay a virgin. At least until I'm sure I've met the right person.

Are you looking forward to sex, when you find somebody to share it with, and are you ready for it?
Hmm. Not yet... I mean... It hasn't really been on my mind. But when the time comes I'm sure I'll be ready.

Do you remember how old you were when you decided not to have sex?
Hmm. Let's see. It was probably the year I got baptized. By then I knew better. ^^

I know I'm kind of young, so it might look stupid for me to be making these kinds of decisions, but this is how I feel. I consider myself pretty mature for my age, so I think I pretty much know the difference between whats good and whats bad. Graphic health classes have taught me about unwanted pregnancy's, STDs, and the heart break that can come out of sex before marriage. Those things seriously scare me. u_u;
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