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until_death's Journal

Until Death Do Us Part
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A Place For Virgins

This is a community made for people who are virgins by choice. Not necessarily those who are waiting for marriage, but those who are waiting for the one person they are to spend the rest of their life with, the one they will marry. This community's name, until_death, symbolizes the loyalty to that one person you do spend your life with ~ till death do us part.

Feel free to talk about anything you feel relates to virginity in any way. Members are here to help and support other virgins in any way possible. Putting down specific livejournal users or livejournal communities is not tolerated. Another community that somewhat respects sex is sluts_are_ew, so you might want to check that out. If you feel the desire to advertise a community you must use correct grammar ~ at least I'm not saying that you can't.

This is a community for people who are waiting for the right person to have sex with and marry, but also for those who have done so, and rape doesn't count for losing your virginity.